Legal notice


In this document you will find all of the rules and conditions of the services and the information that we are going to provide on this website.

Even if you do not know it and you have never given it consideration, if after reading these rules and conditions you accept them, you are entering into a contract with us whereby we undertake to provide you with the services that we offer which you have come to find on our website.

As with any contract, you will have a number of rights, but also some minor obligations which we are sure it will not be difficult for you to meet.

So it would be very advisable for you to take a few moments to read about these rights and obligations and decide if you want to continue or otherwise; it is your decision.



First of all, you should know that behind this website there are real people, made of flesh and blood.

More specifically, the website belongs to JOLCA, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA, with Tax I.D. A-41038274 and its registered address at Autovía Sevilla – Huelva, Km.22.5, 41830, Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville).

You can find the registration details of our company in the Companies Register of Seville, Page SE-6.753, folio 74, volume 298, book 142, third section of societies, first registration.



You guessed right! They’re intended for you, our user and our customer, but they may also be intended for any other person (relative, friend, acquaintance…) who enters our website so that they can enjoy the content regarding the world of olives to which JOLCA has been devoted for over 50 years.
In principle, you are not required to be of any minimum age to visit our website, but if you want to contact us using the “Contact” option we provide for you on the website, you must know that you need to be at least 14 years old. This is because, otherwise, data protection legislation obliges us to ensure that your data is submitted with the approval of your parents or guardians, which must be sent using any of the means of communication we offer you.

The above is equally applicable to the different pages we have on social networks, whenever you offer your personal data.



You must know that our website, much like any other, is not simply floating around in cyberspace, it is hosted on the servers of a hosting company, which ensure that all of the information we provide to you and which you may provide to us is where you want or need it to be, thus guaranteeing the maximum protection of your right to privacy and the protection of your personal data.



You can enter our website by typing the URL directly into your browser, or by clicking on any link to it that you may find on search engines or any other website.

It is totally free to enter our website, so we will not charge you for it. However, this does not mean that you will not be charged for surfing the net by the internet provider with which you have a contract to connect to the internet, we have nothing to do with that, but we are sure you have a fantastic price plan.



As you know or may be able to imagine, our website provides the most varied information about the activities that our company performs to produce the best possible olives.

If you have any questions or you want to know more about our company or how we do things, you are free to contact us.



On our website we reject SPAM of any shape or form.. No exceptions.

Therefore, we need you to promise NOT TO:

a.- Collect information from our website for advertising purposes and use such information to enable you to send advertising of any kind or communications for the purpose of sales, or other messages of a commercial nature, without our prior authorisation.

b.- Send any kind of unrequested or unapproved messages to a group of people.

c.- Send chain messages.

d.- Use distribution lists to carry out any of the aforementioned activities.

e.- Provide third parties, for whatever reason, with the data collected from our website, creating the false impression that they have given their consent to be sent advertising or promotional messages.

If you have been affected by the receipt of any such communication, you can report this to us by emailing the following address



If you want to include a link to our website on your blog, social network page, website or any other page you own, you must comply with the following conditions:

a.- You must not create a frame on any of the pages of our website. In other words, you must not make your users think that the content to which you are linking (ours) belongs to your website, because we both know that it is simply a link. Be legit!

c.- Just because you have linked to our website, it does not mean that we have a business relationship or that we accept or approve your content and services. Therefore, do not imply as such to your users if it is not true.

d.- The website, blog or page that establishes the link must not contain any brand name, commercial name, business sign, name, logotype, slogan or any other of our entity’s distinctive symbols, other than those included in the content to which you are linking.

e.- The website, blog or page that establishes the link must not contain information or content that is against the law, immoral or contrary to generally accepted standards of decency or public order. Nor must it include content that violates any of the legitimate rights of third parties or, logically, our company.



What we are going to tell you about now is what lawyers call intellectual and industrial property. And, as we know that these are highly complex areas, we are going to try to make it very simple for you.

1º.- Our image.

“JOLCA” is a brand that is currently registered with both the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office (O.E.P.M.) and the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (O.A.M.I.).

The fact that you are entering this website and are one of our users does not mean that you have the authority, licences or powers to use our trademark. For that to be the case, you must make a prior request and obtain our authorisation.

2º.- Our content.

All of the content (text, videos, audio clips, images…) that appears on our website is the property of JOLCA or of third parties who have been given prior authorisation to use it.

Therefore, as was the case with our corporate image, you must understand that the fact that you have entered our website and are one of our users does not mean that you have been granted the licences or powers to use such content. For that to be the case, you must make a prior request and obtain our authorisation, or that of the third parties who own them, where applicable. Without our permission, you may only use our content in a way that complies with the requirements of the legislation on intellectual property or that meets the requirements we have set out above regarding links to our website.



1º.- If you want to contact us.

If you want to contact us, it is easy, because you can tell us anything you want using any of the following methods:

-          By regular post: JOLCA, S.A., Autovía Sevilla – Huelva, Km. 22.5, 41830, Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville).

-          By email:

2º.- If we want to contact you.

Of course, you need to know that if we want to tell you something or notify you of anything, we may do so in either of the following ways:

-          By regular post, to the postal address you have provided to us when registering or making a payment on our website.

-          By email, to the address you have provided to us when registering or during a payment procedure.



Data Protection Act Clause


Pursuant to the provisions of the current Data Protection Act, 15/1999, you are hereby informed that the data you provide shall be stored and processed on the file “USERS WEB JOLCA”, which is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, for which its recipient JOLCA, S.L. is responsible and whose purpose is the adequate control of the data of the users of the website at the domain, thus enabling it to properly deal with the communications sent by users and to send the requested information.

Pursuant to the provisions of articles 11 and 34 of the Data Protection Act (L.O.P.D.), we hereby inform you that your data shall not, at any time, be assigned, disclosed or transferred abroad to any natural person or legal entity, unless such assignment, disclosure or transfer is compulsory by virtue of a legal provision, or in those cases where consent has been given.

You are also informed that, as the owner of the data entered into the form, that you have the right to access, amend and cancel your personal data that is stored on the said file, and to object to it being processed, within the terms established in current regulations and as set out in our privacy policy.

To exercise any of these rights, you only have to contact us using either of the following methods:

  • By email, by sending an email to the following address:
  • By post, by sending a letter to the following address: JOLCA, S.A., Autovía Sevilla – Huelva, Km. 22,5, 41830, Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville).



Privacy policy



First of all, do not be fooled by this flashy title because we haven’t got involved in politics and the document isn’t private, that’s why we’re publishing it on the internet!

It’s just another of those little titles that lawyers have up their sleeves to explain to you how we collect, use and delete the personal information that you give to us while you are browsing our website.

As we have already recommended in the legal notice, it would be very advisable for you to read this document so that you are fully aware of all of the rights you have as a user because, according to data protection legislation, you have the right to control the information that you give to us while browsing, whether you do so knowingly or unknowingly.


The data (very little, it must be said) that we collect on our website may be given to us in different ways, which we explain below:

-          It may be data that you give to us knowingly and voluntarily, for example, when you send us a message on the “Contact” section of our website.

-          It may be data that you give to us without being aware, but voluntarily. Think about the information about the I.P. address from which you connect, which we need to know so that we can allow you to enter the website, or the case of cookies which we will explain below.

One thing you can be sure of is that we will never collect personal data against your will, because you must always have control over the information that you give to us or any other website.


When we have collected the data you have given to us, we put it all together on a file which we have christened “WEB CONTACT”, because this is the one our company uses to manage the personal data of those users who request information through our website.

We consider the information that you give to us to be so important, that this file is registered on the Register of the SPANISH DATA PROTECTION AGENCY.

As you can see, we have designed everything to protect our users’ information in the best way possible.



As we’re sure that you will have worked out, if we are so interested in collecting certain data and we go to such great lengths to store it, there must be some reason why… and we’re not going to hide it from you! In fact, we’re going to tell you. Pay attention:

  • The first reason why we want certain data is simple: to allow you to use your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other gadget they might invent to enter our website.
  • Once you are on the website, we need it to allow you to browse on the different pages contained on the website.
  • Logically, another important reason is that it allows us to provide you with the specific content that you have enjoyed on our website.
  • Finally, we also need certain data so that you can contact us when you want and so we can give you the assistance that you deserve.

All of the above can be summarised as follows: the important person here is you, you are in charge, so the information that you give to us will only be used to enable us to make your visit to our website every bit as rewarding as you expect it to be when you enter. That is our only intention.


Following on from the above, we are sure that you will have wondered: Does JOLCA use our data to earn money? That’s a natural question for you to ask. If we were in your place we would ask the same.

Well, the data collected on our website will only be used for advertising purposes when it is legally permitted to do so. Otherwise, it will only be used when the users themselves have given their prior consent for this to be done.

And when we talk about advertising purposes, we mean using them to send you information that you request about our company and its products.

The same will apply to our pages on social network sites.



The free text fields that are available to the user and which may appear on the website, as is the case with the “Contact” section, are solely intended to gather information to improve the quality of the services, in particular the delivery of products purchased.

In those spaces, the user must not include any information that may be classed as data which requires a medium or high level of security without giving prior notice to JOLCA, as set forth in current regulations (including, but not limited to, data relating to your ideology, religion, beliefs, union membership, health, racial origin and/or sex life).



Of all the above points, this is probably the one you will like most, because we are going to tell you what rights you have regarding privacy and how you can exercise them.

As we have already said, as far as privacy goes you are in charge, because you have the right to control the information that you give us, so you will be able to access that information, amend it and cancel it.

To exercise any of these rights, you only have to contact us using either of the following methods:

  • By email, by sending an email to the following address:
  • By post, by sending a letter to the following address: JOLCA, S.A., Autovía Sevilla – Huelva, Km. 22,5, 41830, Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville).

Of course, as we can’t read your mind, at a minimum you need to include the following information in your letter or email:

  •  Full name.
  •  Photocopy of your I.D. card, electronic signature or a scanned copy of the I.D. card.
  •  The specific request.
  •  An address to receive notifications.
  •  Date and signature of the person sending the request.


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