Jolca gets a new image


The company has modernised its logo and is committed to providing more and better information for consumers

Jolca is aware that to grow, we need to develop and change. We have been working in this area for two years, with the clear goal of improving the relationship between our customers and consumers, and Jolca products.

One of our first moves has been to modernise the brand image and logos. Jolca is now presenting a renewed line, with a simple, up-to-date design. As part of the makeover, we have also defined a particular identity for each product and created different packaging to make them easy to distinguish. In other words, we want to highlight the unique qualities of each olive while establishing them all as part of the Jolca family.

Jolca is aware of the importance of transmitting and providing full information to the consumers of our products. As part of this, we have decided to identify the types of olives used to make each product. Behind every product there is a story and a method which are worth telling Jolca’s consumers about.

And similarly, Jolca wants to provide more information for consumers about the high nutritional value of table olives. The daily recommendation for a healthy adult, based on a diet of 2000 kcal. a day, is 25 grammes of olives a day, or about 7 olives.

Do you usually eat olives? Have you tried our products?


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