Jolca collaborates in developing probiotic olives

The Probiolives project has been able to ferment table olives with selected strains of probiotic lactic acid bacteria to strengthen the natural defences of consumers.

Jolca’s commitment to innovation and development has led us to take part in one of the most important EU projects for the olive industry in recent years. This is the Probiolives project, a research programme involving companies and institutions in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, to demonstrate the persistence of lactic acid bacteria during olive fermentation. Consuming these bacteria strengthens the natural defences.

This project has been developed over three years, in several phases. First, strains of lactic acid bacteria from different table olive fermentations were isolated and identified in order to study their probiotic characteristics and select the most promising.

Laboratory experiments were run to demonstrate the production of biofilms on the surface of the olives as well as colonisation of the interior of the fruits, enabling these products to reach the consumer with their properties intact.

But the reaction of consumers is even more important, and so sensory and acceptance studies have also been conducted, establishing the differences between olives fermented with probiotic strains, and traditionally produced olives. The studies showed that no difference could be detected in the look and taste of olives, while revealing that consumers were eager to buy this type of product when they were informed of their possible benefits.

Jolca is continuing to work to ensure that its products are both healthy and tasty, and so far we are having great success.


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