Stuffed olives

Choosing the ideal complement, whether it is anchovies, smoked salmon or blue cheese, increases the options for enjoying these delicious olives with any food or drink.

  • Olives stuffed with anchovy

    This is a delightful assortment to please any taste. We combine the finest quality Manzanilla olives and the most exquisite Anchovy to make a great snack. And for customers looking for healthy products, we have the Anchovy stuffed olives with a lower content in salt. Enjoy the blend of the subtle saltiness of the olives and the anchovy. A must!

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  • Speciality Stuffed Olives in Tin

    As our highest priority, we are working to satisfy the most demanding customers by combining high-quality olives with carefully selected natural products. Our wide range currently meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations around the world with a unique assortment of tastes and flavors. Our olives are an ideal party snack and are also excellent as a side-dish or ingredient.

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