Green olives

Our green olives are presented in multiple formats for easy consumption. As a snack or as an ingredient, or even with our original dressings, the different varieties can be combined to suit the needs of the consumer.

  • Green Olives Traditional bags

    In 1961, Jolca was the first company to pack olives in pillow bags. Over 50 years of experience and know-how allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of olives packed in pillow bags. At the most affordable prices, we bring to you the real Manzanilla or Gordal from Sevilla. A unique experience everybody can afford!

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  • Green olives plastic bags new design

    Following our continuous improvement search, this product family evolved by adding new items with a more convenient packaging. We also introduce a new liquid-free product: the Pitted Black Manzanilla olives. Now you can try your favorite snack at any place and whenever you want!

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  • Green olives in tins

    We have been always committed to grant an assortment which can meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. For that reason now we are enlarging our range of green olives packed in tins by adding new products and formats.

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  • Green olives in glass jars

    Originally developed to fulfill some markets requirements, now brings an opportunity to try different products and varieties. True lovers of olives will be thoroughly satisfied by the traditionally dressed Aloreña or the Verdial Gazpacha, while everybody will enjoy with the most delicious Gordal Queen Olives or the original Manzanilla olives whether they are pitted, whole/plain or stuffed with the traditional pimiento.

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