"Some things should never change"

For more than half a century, Jolca has brought the most intense, traditional flavours of table olives to Spanish homes. And this history is continuing as we reach beyond the Aljarafe Sevilla region to the rest of the world, so you can keep the taste of the Mediterranean alive, however far away you may be. Because “some things should never change”.

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Jolca earns IFS certification

One of Jolca’s priorities is to keep working to ensure excellent quality and food safety, and we make every effort to incorporate international quality standards in our production processes and in our products.

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How are table olives produced?

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The quality of Spanish table olives

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olives, and the quality of its native varieties is internationally recognised. And Andalusia, and the Andalusian province of Sevilla, are the leading olive-growing areas. In fact, 62.3% of Spain’s table olives are harvested in Sevilla.

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